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Indian Ocean

Nothing spells luxury more than the islands of the Indian Ocean.


For the ultimate relaxation experience, choose from the Maldives, Mauritius, or the Seychelles. Here you can stay in a luxury hotel or perhaps even your own private villa that opens up onto the sea itself. Dine underwater, feast on the freshest of seafood and spend your days wondering why you never visited this paradise before!

Hop of a jet ski, take a helicopter flight or simply go sailing when you visit these breathtaking islands. But don’t forget to explore beneath the waves too. With such a diverse world under the ocean, be sure to snorkel or go diving to truly appreciate all that the sea has to offer.

For a more culturally rewarding experience, let us take you to Sri Lanka. Here you can walk with elephants, visit turtle sanctuaries and explore the lush jungle vegetation. With such rich culture, there’s an array of top attractions we can take you visit, but this doesn’t mean you should trade a luxury experience! Sri Lanka offers some of the most beautiful accommodation choices and we can ensure you stay at the very best.

The islands of the Indian Ocean are quite simply, stunning. They offer so much more than outstanding luxury, and we can help turn this dream into a reality just for you. Contact your travel P.A. and look forward to the holiday of a lifetime.

At a Glance

Immunisations needed:  Varies depending on location
Languages: Varies depending on location
Time difference: Varies depending on location
Flight duration: Varies depending on location
Popular activities: Varies depending on location
When to visit: Varies depending on location


Types of Accommodation for Indian Ocean

The islands of the Indian Ocean are quite simply, stunning, and the same can be said for the accommodation.


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