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wedding abroad

12 July 2019

I Do

There are many reasons a bride and groom opt for the sun when it comes to their wedding. Mainly, they want to take the stress away. 
Having your wedding abroad means that all the planning is done for you. There is usually a resort wedding planner who can organise everything from the flowers to the reception, so you can just relax. 


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love is in the air

18 June 2019

Love is in the Air

A honeymoon isn’t just a dream holiday. It’s about quality time together to celebrate your love and the vows you just made to spend the rest of your life together.

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How did Dragonfly Traveller begin?

20 July 2018

How did Dragonfly Traveller begin?

My wife, Lisa and I have a passion for travelling all over the world and researching all the exciting things to do and spectacular new sights to see. After many years of working in an international role, I have had the experience of travelling to many different countries, sometimes with my wife flying over to join me in the destination I happened to be working in.

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Have you thought about booking your wedding abroad

27 April 2018

Have you thought about booking your wedding abroad?

Getting married abroad is one of the biggest decisions that any couple can make, but luckily, if you live in Northamptonshire, you happen to have one of the best bespoke, luxury travel agents close by.

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Our Top 3 Romantic Destinations for Couples

29 March 2018

Our Top 3 Romantic Destinations for Couples

We have put together our top 3 romantic destinations for couples, filled with our own tips, tricks and advice from our own travels.  

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