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23 September 2020

The wonderful German word that sums up the way we're all feeling

The German word “fernweh” describes a debilitating “longing for distant places” – which avid travellers suffer more than most

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14 September 2020

Your 'best bet' destinations for a winter sun holiday this year

With the world still in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, options for a sunny break this winter are limited

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13 June 2020

2021 Here we come

Soon 2020 holiday blues will finally come to an end, there's a faint whiff of optimism in the air that holidays may not be too far away.  

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27 March 2020

Summer Holidays ?

With no end to the coronavirus crisis in sight, many are wondering whether summer holidays will go ahead.

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24 March 2020

Travelling in turbulent times

Travelling and taking holidays in the future are likely to be very different for all of us post this initial Coronavirus outbreak. What will the travel industry look like, which airlines will still be flying and how do we even approach planning holidays in the future

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24 February 2020

Peace Out: 5 Relaxing Experiences Around the World

We’ve all been there – your job is stressing you out, money worries are constantly on your mind and the classic British weather is making your daily outings more like a trek through a monsoon rainforest. Everyday life has a funny way of building up, and before you know it, these little nuisances feel like they are taking over – causing unhelpful tension and anxiety. 

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