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The Venice Carnival

Masks, merryment and just great fun. Wear your mask and your costume and be who ever you want to be.

If you are thinking of going visit Venice when the iconic Carnival is on, then the weekends are best and certainly towards the end of the festival as things really hot up as the festival reaches its climax. Masks shops out-number butchers and grocers in Venice so you will have no problem being able to join in with the frivolities even if a full costume might be too much of a stretch. You can expect the full theatrical experience with stage shows, water-borne pageants, re-enactments, street artists and bands. Plenty for the kids to get in on the act as well as daily costume awards and parades. Needless to say, it is a busy time in Venice so if you fancy a weekend of gaiety, amusement and full frivolity, you need to book somewhere soon. 

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