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Which Island in Maldives is best for you

Best for: Foodies

If good food is key to making you feel amazing, Amilla Maldives is the best island for you.

One of the largest islands in the Maldives, this private paradise has seven exceptional restaurants to choose from, including a pizza oven set on the beach and exciting Japanese fusion cuisine served in an overwater setting. You can dress up if you want to celebrate something special, sit with your toes in the sand or even dine in your own private pool – the options are endless and entirely up to you.

Spain will not go on the Red List on next Government Travel Update?

Spain travel update: ‘No chance’ of country going on red list at next review as Covid cases drop, experts say

Travel experts have said they are confident the Government will not add Spain to the red list as the country’s infection rate is dropping and doing so could risk the collapse of the hotel quarantine system.

Six of the best all-inclusive stays in unusual locations

Holidays are all about treating yourself and indulging in as much food, drink and other delights as you wish, which is why all‑inclusive breaks are a great option. But not all properties are about sea, sunbeds and as much ice cream as you can eat.

A hotel on a boat in the Maldives, a private island in Cambodia and a lodge deep in the Namib Desert all join the line-up of remarkable places to stay where everything’s included. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to suggest for an all-inclusive stay in unusual locations around the world.

Will there be holidays abroad in 2021

At this very moment, the rules are straightforward: you are not allowed to travel overseas for non-essential reasons.

But this could soon change. As part of the road map issued last month the Prime Minister said that May 17 is the earliest date that we will get away. On April 12, a newly reformed Global Travel Taskforce will report on whether it is safe to do so by May 17. 

How to get Travel and Holidays on the move again

If all goes well, within the a few weeks, many of us will dare to start dreaming about the realities of travel once more. By Easter those most vulnerable to the disease in this country should have been protected and there will be hopefully no reason for the Government to prevent from travelling abroad if we so wish.

We will only be able to visit other countries if they decide it is safe to let us in but many will be keen to see British holiday makers return as soon as possible, and many of us will want to grab the first opportunity to get away.

What Brexit means for your travel abroad

At 11pm on 31 December, the Transition Period will have concluded and new rules for travel to the EU will apply. Brexit will be complete. Notwithstanding the current travel bans imposed on the UK by many member states due to the new Covid mutation, the ease with which British passport-holders have been able to travel to the bloc is about to be replaced with new procedures.

Covid restrictions

Canaries & Maldives are open

The Canary Islands have been granted a travel corridor, transport secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed via Twitter.

The islands have been added to the government’s safe list alongside the Maldives, Denmark and Mykonos, which is restored having been previously removed.

The only country to be removed from the list this week is Liechtenstein, Shapps confirmed in a second tweet.

Following an update to the implementation of changes to corridors last week, the new rules will apply from 4am on Sunday, October 25.

‘First responder’ agents fundamental to travel’s return

Travel agents are the first responders in our industry.  Chaotic government guidelines coupled with fears over financial protection and insurance coverage make people reluctant to travel at all. As travel has become increasingly complicated, it is the role of travel agents to step in and restore consumer confidence and reassure travellers that the world is still open for exploring.

Indeed, recent research from OutThere magazine reports a staggering rise from 42% to 66% globally from direct booking to booking through a travel agent or tour operator. And this is set to soar.

The wonderful German word that sums up the way we're all feeling

The German word “fernweh” describes a debilitating “longing for distant places” – which avid travellers suffer more than most


But the pandemic, of course, has grounded us and curtailed even the making of future plans to escape. Consequently, many of us are beginning to feel quite sick of home – of the kitchen and cooking, of the television blaring bad news, of the neighbours and their infernal strimming machines and, now that autumn is upon us, leafblowers.

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